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For some people it takes a lifetime to find the spark that makes their heart sing. For me it was a journey …

I have always been attracted to creative pursuits. Initially it was sewing, knitting and decorating cakes, but I soon tired of these and went looking for another challenge. With hindsight I believe it was learning to paint that made me acknowledge my creative impulses and accept that this was a path that I needed to follow. Painting for me was my quiet time, a time when it was just me with my thoughts. It was this love of painting that gave rise to a greater awareness of the colours, textures and details in my surroundings.  This became a skill that was invaluable for the next stage of my journey –  photography.

The passion for photography was a slow burn with me. I was fortunate enough to win my first ‘serious’ camera, an Olympus OM10, in a raffle. While researching how to use this camera I learned about aperture and shutter speed and how manipulating these created different effects.  I dabbled for quite a while, often admiring the amazing work of other photographers, particularly travel photography.  I yearned to travel overseas but never thought the opportunity was going to come my way.   It wasn’t until I found myself analysing these images trying to work out the direction the light was coming from and why the images were composed the way they were, that I began to get serious about giving photography a try.

During my first overseas vacation to Paris I fell in love with the city. The magnificence of Paris took my breath away. I feared I would never have the opportunity to return, so I wanted to capture its essence and beauty in my photos. My efforts were less than great, so on return I decided to invest in photography and jumped head first into studying a diploma.

Armed with a new Canon, a lot more knowledge I was never without my camera in hand. I practiced on anything or anyone who would let me. Initially I focused on portraits, then I combined my love of flowers and transitioned to floral fine arts, and then I found still life. The concept of still life photography appealed to me on so many levels. From sourcing the props and the staging to the creative editing processes involved. Again I find this my quiet time, a time where I can reflect and while away the hours.

In recent times, I’ve discovered a new found interest in water colour and this is proving to be a great inspiration to my photography, as I experiment with camera and editing techniques.  Thinking back to the days when I started my painting classes and when I won my first SLR camera, I can see clearly it was all leading me on the journey to what I was meant to do.   I am again scratching at the surface of something exciting and a little daring and for now, am right where I want to be.