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Its been about 8 weeks since we moved house and I still can’t say that I am completely settled.   Big life changes have a way of bringing issues to the surface that you think were done and dusted years ago.   I loved our last home, it was the first house that I lived in alone as an adult.  I felt safe and free there to do anything I chose for the first time in my life.   So moving even though we were both ready for it seemed a little bitter sweet.

As soon as I walked into our new house I knew it would make a good home for us.  It had some great character features that we both  loved and also some issues, but  the issues weren’t deal breakers for us.  It is 75 years old so we both knew it was going to be a project that we could work on for the next couple of years.  One thing that our new house has shown me, is that I am not a patient person. Everything thing we initially planned to do when we moved has had to be put off because something else needed to be done first.  I started to feel frustrated and disillusioned very quickly.  I even questioned whether we had done the right thing a few times.  Steve was completely comfortable with the house and the issues we were facing, so as usual he was the calming force in my life that talked sense into me.

The one thing I know for sure after this experience is that my creativity is definitely affected by my state of mind.  During those 8 weeks, each time I picked up my camera and tried to set up a still life scene or photograph a simple flower, I felt  absolutely no passion or inspiration for photography at all.  I  realised that I needed to step away and not try and force things.

Then a few of weeks ago I unpacked some botanical prints and straight away ideas on how I could use them in my photography came to me. I knew for certain that I was getting back to normal yesterday, when I ran inside to grab my camera then lay flat on the lawn and photographed the dandelions , just moments before Steve ran right over the top of them with the lawn mower.   I love that saying – a weed to some, a wish to others!  So true …


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I do have another reason why I have not been giving my blog very much attention lately aside from working on my website. Steve and I have sold our house and are moving. Our current house is lovely, but unfortunately it did not have the space we needed to store the equipment Steve needs to run his business. For the past 9 years we had been renting a storage unit so he could house the equipment. Our new home is a bit of project for us, which is what we both had been hoping for and has a large garage which Steve is ecstatic about!   When I say a project, it is by no means a home that is in a state of disrepair, it is more that we want to change things and make it our own over the next few years  Our new house is close to some of the most beautiful beaches in Victoria so I am really excited about the direction my photography may take once we move.  Although I really doubt that my love of flowers will diminish in any way with the move.

I am limited in what I can do now as most of my photography props are packed away in boxes waiting for the big day.  So what do I do? Go out and buy more props of course!

There is a gorgeous little shop in Geelong (where we are moving) call Lilly Pond, that sells vintage french bits and bobs.  I can’t tell you how excited I get when I go into this store.  Steve is already over me wanting to drop in every time we go to Geelong, so he just sits and waits in the car for me. I can’t wait to show you in upcoming posts some of the beautiful things I have found there so far.  So when I saw the beautiful french botanical prints they had in the shop I had to purchase one (I have since gone back and bought another three more).  I teamed this print with a peony that I had left to dry and I love the results.  Flowers, french theme and vintage it doesn’t get much better than that in my book …


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For the past few months I have been re-designing my website. Initially I started out thinking it would only take a few weeks, then the more I looked into it, the more I found that I wanted to change.

The easiest part of the whole process was coming up with my new logo and colour pallet.   I approached Ellen Conti, the lovely designer where I work and asked her if I she could design my new logo. Fortunately Ellen knows me well, so we were on the same page right from the start.  I love my new logo and the colour we chose for the website.  I also really like how simple my website is to navigate around which was definitely what I wanted to achieve.  I am still playing with the galleries.  Photos kept going in and then coming out.  I have decided I will just leave things be for a week or two and then revisit it.

While all the work was going on with the website I used the time to experiment with a type of photography called ICM (Intentional Camera Movement).  I really enjoyed my first attempts.  There are no rules for this style of photography and it certainly can be a little hit and miss.  Below are  two of my first attempts which are completely different, but I like them both.   The first which I took at Williamstown beach looks a little like a water colour painting and the second is of my ornamental grape vine.  I love the way I have captured the colours of the leaves but the movement has created an image that looks like big bold brush strokes.





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Hi everyone, I hope you are all well?

I have been keeping myself really busy over the past few months.  With my day job being pretty full on and experimenting with a new style of photography the year has flown past far to quickly.  Throw Christmas into the mix and it is no wonder I am feeling a little tired at the moment.  My plan is to relax and recharge during this short holiday I have from work.  Of course there will be picture taking during this break as well.

The new style of photography I mentioned has really got me excited.   Probably a bit obsessed if you ask Steve.   About three months ago I stumbled across the website of Kim Klassen.   When I say I stumbled, I actually feel I was probably meant to find Kim and her beautiful still life photography.   I was in a bit of a rut with my own photography and felt that I was not progressing or doing anything very different.   As much as I enjoy photographing flowers I just knew that I wanted to try something else. I found myself drawn to still life photography that featured vintage pieces and flowers.   When I saw Kim’s photography had an aha moment (to quote Oprah).  It was exactly what I wanted to do.   So I enrolled in several classes and have been working my way slowly through them.   There is so much to learn and practice but to me still life photography is my relaxation/meditation time.

The enjoyment of finding or foraging for my props is every bit as enjoyable as taking the photos.  I have found a wonderful place in Geelong which is just full of the most amazing props.  These don’t come cheap but they are so lovely it is really difficult not to go crazy and buy up big.   I love the whole process of still life, even down to buying a piece of muslin and tea dying it to create an old vintage background.  I have already realised this form of photography does have one downside!   I am accumulating a lot of stuff.   As I have mentioned before our house isn’t large and we don’t have a garage so if this addiction stays with me it could get very messy around here.

So my project for the new year is to continue to work on my still life photography but try to use only items I have collected/inherited from my own and Steve’s family.  I am so fortunate that Steve’s parents had some amazing pieces.  I feel by documenting these pieces with my photography I am helping keep our memories of them  alive.

The scales below were my first prop purchase …




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It’s finally spring and our garden is slowly coming to life.  This winter in Melbourne has been exceptionally cold.   It was freezing some mornings, and the temperatures didn’t get that much warmer as the day progressed.  Because of this cold weather most of my photographic activity for the past few months took place inside, in the comfort of our house. I would like to tell you that it was in my studio but that would be a gross exaggeration.  I have an area set up in my spare room where I take most of my floral photos.  Over the winter I have focused on shots that I thought would  work well as greeting cards for my Etsy shop .

I have also tried out some new suppliers to print my cards and have been really pleased with the results. As much as I liked the cards I was getting from Moo, the cost of postage, time taken to receive them and the fact that they didn’t print square cards made things a little difficult at times.  I am really happy that I am now supporting an Australian business and have only a 3 day turn around to get my cards printed. Oh and they offer a choice of different card stocks!

These new cards are 5″ x 5″ square and have been printed on Pearl Lustre paper and a linen type of card stock. Both stocks are lovely and I am not sure which I prefer.   I have been using my Lensbaby Sweet 50 for a few of these photos and I am loving the results. These cards will be available in my Etsy store shortly …



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